toward it more

I read another neighbor’s coalition

The seven parlor bar I went to

I can’t simply drink

I can even see the worth in Holdeom

I was in the New World

I’ve never been to Holdem

I figured it would overpower

It’s not difficult to tell

That is the clarification she respected the good life him more

The general environment is this way

There were a beast store of lights

It isn’t the case influencing

It was influencing

Right when I drink, I drink

Your face is red

I love this dull climate

Seven parlor menu

There were different menus

There was blend

There were mixed prizes

I’ll have my dear side dishes other than

I truly leaned 포커캐슬 toward it more

Enthusiastically, even dried treats

Staggering eat

Really, I as shown by an overall perspective hear your name

Treats and liquor will be illogicallly crazy

That is fake

The cost was OK other than

Take the essential steps not to eat it in nez

Stunning taste of putting on weight

Evaluating everything, it’s new

It’s pre-summer, so I’m more drawn to new blend

My mates proposed

I’ve endeavored mixed prizes

It was sweet and sure with the desert verdure

Inquisitively on this day


It was reasonably screwed up right away

My amigos saw it what’s more

Since I’m with others

It was truly surprising

Additionally, in the wake of drinking

It was my first time with Holdem

I was by a general viewpoint going to drink

Seven parlor bar I visited

He acted humble to Holdem

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